Expected materials submitted in response to this RFP:

  • Project strategy, overview and timeline of the development and implementation of a two-day virtual, financial and creditworthiness training program delivered in French.
  • Localized lesson plan including detailed schedule/agenda.
  • Resumes of head trainer, training program team and applicant review/selection team, highlighting experience relevant to the curriculum topics provided and applicant selection process.
  • List of potential partner groups (associations of women business owners, financial institution connections, or other relevant partners, that may contribute to the success of this project).
  • A draft budget of all costs associated with producing the expected outputs and outcomes (cost of translating program materials from English to French should be listed separately).


WEConnect International[1] will deliver a financial and creditworthiness training program to women business owners throughout France as part of a corporate-funded global training program titled Financing Your Growing Business. This RFP describes the objectives and content of the two-day virtual training program, and the expected role and deliverables of the individual or organization that will be hired to localize and facilitate the outreach, selection and training.

WEConnect International has joined with a global financial services company headquartered in the U.S. that provides financial analysis software and services, to address two critical challenges to growth faced by women-owned businesses—access to markets and access to finance. The partnership looks to bridge these gaps holistically, providing immediate resources to empower women entrepreneurs through financial knowledge while investing in gender-inclusive sourcing practices and pioneering research. With a common mission to build a more just, equitable economy, this partnership looks to actively remove obstacles for women business owners to grow, scale, and contribute to the sustainable future of their communities.

In 2020 this training is taking place in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Nigeria, Germany and France. The training program described in this RFP is specific to the training that will take place virtual in France from November 4th to 5th, 2020.


The main objective of this program is to provide training for 30-40 French women business owners seeking to understand and learn how to grow their financial stability, establish creditworthiness and access finance to grow their business. The curriculum has been established with global subject matter experts, and then adapted for each individual market to ensure application of all local laws, culture and language and that it is relevant and timely.

This training program also seeks to engage subject matter experts from financial institutions located in or are knowledgeable about business and finance in France to increase knowledge on the following topics:

  • The Importance of Creditworthiness
  • Financial Statements
  • Goal Planning
  • Sources of Financing
  • How to Pitch for Funding
  • Capital Planning
  • Enterprise Valuation

The WEConnect International project team will assist with identifying partner subject matter experts in coordination with the training partner as needed.

The training program is intended for women business owners or key female decision-makers running growth-oriented mid-size businesses who are responsible for final decision-making in day-to-day business operations. The program does not seek to train aspiring women entrepreneurs or business owners of start-up or micro-sized enterprises. The training partner will be expected to lead a structured recruitment and selection process that ensures eligibility against the following requirements through verification of legal and government documents and registrations:

The women-owned business must:

  • Be at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more women.
  • Operate in the formal sector and be incorporated and/or formally registered with relevant French government departments such as the tax office, the Centre des Formalités des Entreprises or Chambres des Métiers and the Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce which looks after all the incorporations at the Commercial Court.
  • Have a bank account with a financial institution.
  • Be at least three years old.

Key Activities

Serve as In‐Country Program Lead for Virtual Boot Camp Training

  • Serve as a point of contact in‐country generally and as the WEConnect International representative.
  • Maintain regular communications with WEConnect International leading up to and throughout the training program.
  • Provide logistics and customer support throughout the training program to participants, applicants, speakers, and WEConnect International.

Program Recruitment and Promotion

  • In collaboration with WEConnect International, lead outreach, promotion, and recruitment process to ensure successful completion of the virtual training for 30-40 women business owners.
  • Lead review and selection of finalists in conjunction with WEConnect International and following all eligibility requirements.
  • Evaluate ownership, management and control of private women-owned companies incorporated in France.

Program Development

  • Identify and coordinate with at least one expert in France (internally or externally) to review Virtual Boot Camp curriculum and recommend topics and provide general input to be taught in Virtual Boot Camp on the local needs of women‐owned businesses and that fulfill project objectives.
  • Provide or coordinate translation services to translate all relative content including but not limited to curriculum, outreach/promotional materials and media for the Virtual Boot Camp from English to French.
  • Coordinate all Virtual Boot Camp logistical arrangements with speakers/trainers to ensure adequate preparation and successful facilitation during the Virtual Boot Camp.

Program Management

  • Manage all logistics and arrangements for the Virtual Boot Camp with guidance and input of WEConnect International including but not limited to securing technology (Zoom provided by WEConnect International), printing, mailing, materials, etc.
  • Capture presentations, photos, feedback and testimonials throughout the program in templates provided by WEConnect International.
  • Meet regularly and provide weekly project updates to WEConnect International.
  • Flag any issues, delays or project roadblocks immediately to WEConnect International.
  • Program Evaluation, Reporting and Post Training Strategic Engagement.
  • Disseminate a post‐Virtual Boot Camp survey at the end of the program to establish a baseline and collect participant feedback for future programs. All surveys must be reviewed and approved by WEConnect International.
  • Package all course content into training program format that can be reused in future programs.
  • Complete WEConnect International feedback templates and results reports and have a close out meeting/discussion to help guide the implementation of subsequent Virtual Boot Camps.

Technology Requirements

  • Training partner will provide a secure computer with minimum system requirements, a secure Wi-Fi service, Microsoft Office, or equivalent software, and adequate antivirus and security software and will maintain well‐documented files related to this project.

Expected Outcomes

  • Edit and Localize French Virtual Boot Camp Schedule.
  • Edit and Localize French Virtual Boot Camp Curriculum.
  • Recruit 80 qualified attendees in France to complete online registration application.
  • Review applications and legal documents to select 40 attendees and ensure active participation of 30 attendees in the Virtual Boot Camp.
  • Recruit at least 5 subject matter experts to facilitate training (preference given to any subject matter experts identified by WEConnect International).
  • Ensure 90% Satisfaction rate of all Virtual Boot Camp Attendees.
  • Ensure 95% Satisfaction rate of all Virtual Boot Camp facilitators and volunteers.
  • Ensure 95% of attendees acquire and adopt new knowledge and/or skills, and use concepts learned in the program to enhance their business, as evidenced through the training assessment.


Respondent will propose her/his fees in USD and provide cost breakdown structure based on outputs. All taxes should be included as per government policy and paid in full by the Contractor directly. WEConnect International is a 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organization and is not responsible for collecting or paying national or local taxes in France.


[1] WEConnect International is a global nonprofit established in 2009 by large corporate buyers to 1) connect corporate buyers with women-owned businesses ready to compete in global value chains; 2) support corporations with developing and growing their global supplier diversity efforts; 3) build the capacity of women-owned businesses to compete; and 4) uphold the global standard and international certification seal verifying that a business is truly women-owned.