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Job title: WBE and Outreach Manager for Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru

María Angélica Porto provides support to WEConnect International in enhancing brand visibility and outreach to women entrepreneurs in Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru. Her role also involves the engagement of corporate, public sector and other stakeholders that support women business owners in throughout Latin America.

María Angélica, a Colombian native, has more than seven years of experience working for NGOs and international organizations as a Fundraising officer and a public-private partnerships consultant, implementing marketing strategies, managing corporate events, articulating partnerships, building strategic alliances and various schemes of collaboration with the private sector in Colombia, with the objective of optimizing business practices and policies that are coherent with sustainable development objectives and strengthening the organization’s value. 

She has worked both for local and international NGOs and organizations in different countries such as the United States, Spain and with the United Nations in Portugal, successfully raising funds for projects in the humanitarian and development fields, working together with territorial entities, indigenous groups and other central government institutions coordinating capacity building activities.

María Angélica holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from Universidad Javeriana in Bogota and a master’s degree in International Cooperation and Organisms from the Universitat de Barcelona in Spain.

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