July 13, 2016

BuyUpFPThe BUY UP Index is a new app that allows consumers to make purchasing decisions based on a company's demonstrated commitment to gender equality. The organization rates everyday brands and products and the companies behind them. Using a proprietary rating methodology, the BUY UP index assesses companies on four major areas: Women Employees, Women Leadership, Corporate Citizenship, and Marketing.

We are proud to say several WEConnect International corporate members earned A and B grades in their industry categories, and some earned top positions. Remarkably, Procter & Gamble received an A rating in three separate industries. Here are the member corporations who made the lists (A grades in bold):

July 08, 2016

ibm fpThe employers network for equality & inclusion (enei) in the UK recently held its annual award ceremony celebrating the successes of companies and organizations over the past year. WEConnect International member IBM received the award for Inclusive Procurement. Additionally, corporate members EY and Sodexo received awards for Advancing Social Mobility in the Workplace and for Global Diversity, respectively.

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July 06, 2016

ey fpThe American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai recently posted an interview with Alice Wong, Director of Human Resources at EY Greater China, in the Chamber’s online publication Insight. In the interview, she covers a number of topics including Corporate Member EY’s work with WEConnect International in China. Said Alice:

"EY endeavors to promote an inclusive culture and was named '2015 Diversity and Inclusion Corporate of the Year' at WEConnect International’s annual event [in China] in recognition of our efforts and commitment to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. I am very proud to say I believe that we have a high level of acceptance of people from different cultures at EY."

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