September 20, 2017

Andrew Butler

(September 20, 2017) WEConnect International is thrilled to announce that Andrew Butler, the Associate Director of Supplier Citizenship & Innovation at Proctor and Gamble, has recently joined the Board of Directors. P&G is excited to play an integral role in shaping the vision and direction of global supplier diversity and inclusion with the support of WEConnect International’s members and leaders.

Andrew’s previous positions include Purchase Group Manager in Global External Supply Solutions and Corporate Supplier Diversity Manager.  He has an MBA from Xavier University and a B.S. in Economics from Carnegie Mellon University.

July 17, 2017

SourcingTransparencyWEConnect International has joined with The Economist in their Growth Crossings series about responsible supply chains and the ways to improve sourcing transparency. Co- Founder and CEO of WEConnect International, Elizabeth Vazquez, describes the reasons for women's inclusion in corporate supply chains and provides her guidance and participation in the project. The issue of gender in global value chains needs to be addressed and organizations such as WEConnect International are creating inclusive sourcing networks to connect women- owned businesses to corporate companies worldwide.

Watch the video here.

Download the full report here.

July 06, 2017

Today WEConnect International announced on stage in front of 12,000 people at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg Germany that Intel, IBM and Pfizer pledged to spend an additional $300 million from women-owned businesses over the next three years. All three corporate members are partnered with WEConnect International and are dedicated to global supplier diversity and inclusion and women’s empowerment.  The announcement came following a Global Citizen and WEConnect International campaign where 20,000 global citizens committed to joining the global movement to buy more from women-owned businesses and calling on companies to commit as well.