On Friday, September 20th, 2019 over 25 women business owners graduated from the Financing Your Growing Business Training Boot Camp in Lagos, Nigeria. The Training Program was implemented in partnership with WEConnect International and Moody’s Corporation through the Reshape TomorrowTM initiative.

The training program aims to help build the capacity of growth-oriented, women-owned businesses to secure the finance needed to scale their enterprises. Last week’s event in Lagos marks the first training program hosted in one of three pilot cities that WEConnect International and Moody’s will be launching in 2019. Two additional Boot Camps will take place in Toronto, Canada, and Frankfurt, Germany later this year.

file 1The first day of the training event focused on credit—why it’s important to business owners and how to leverage it to secure the financing needed to grow a business. The curriculum utilized a mixture of classroom-style sessions in addition to group work and case studies to help participants define growth goals and determine their businesses’ capacity to reach them. The second day then focused on sources of financing, how to secure the right finance, and provided participants with an opportunity to develop their own capital plan. WEConnect International corporate members Citi Bank and Access Bank were in attendance and helped provide additional industry-level expertise, resources, and experience. In addition to facilitating many of the sessions, the banks also provided feedback to an in-depth case study and successfully judged a lively Pitching for Funding Competition.

“The energy in the room was contagious,” said WEConnect International’s Training Program Manager, Sarah Priddy. “In addition to the dynamic sessions with Citi Bank and Access Bank, each of the women business owners made it a point to offer their own advice and support to their fellow entrepreneurs in the room. By the end of the second day, nearly everyone in the room had scheduled at least one follow-up meeting which means the program impact will continue even after we leave the city.”

To learn more about WEConnect International’s partnership with Moody’s and to follow the impact of this year-long program, visit our partner landing page here.


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