Ladipo cropped(October 28, 2016) The Guardian will host a live Twitter chat on how we can support the economic empowerment of women in Nigeria on Thursday, November. Among those participating on the expert panel is Executive Director of WEConnect International in Nigeria Shade Ladipo. Panelists will address a number of topics and questions:

"In Nigeria in particular, the need to accelerate opportunities for women is more important than ever. Though it is Africa’s largest economy, the country slipped into recession in August for the first time in a decade. It is one of the most unequal countries in the world: more than 80 million people (64% of the population) are living below the poverty line.  

So what support can be offered to women to help Nigeria in its time of crisis, and accelerate the economy? How can we create greater equality and business opportunities in the country when most women are concentrated in casual, low-skilled work earning less than half that of men?"

Follow the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #globaldevlive.