NigeriaEuroConf1WEConnect International Delegation at Nigerian High Commission to the UK.Strong trade and cultural links exist between Nigeria and the United Kingdom borne from decades of post-independence relationships and alliances. WEConnect International in Nigeria took this historical bond into consideration when it decided to send a Nigerian Delegation to the WEConnect International Europe Conference which took place in the affluent District of Kensington, London. The Delegation had the theme “Nigeria, Ready for Global Business”, reflecting the goal of attracting more cross-border procurement opportunities to Nigerian WBEs.

With the theme “Driving Business Growth through Inclusive Value Chains”, the Europe Conference was hosted at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington situated in the heart of London’s museum district. Between Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th of November 2019, a Delegation of 4 Certified Nigerian Women Owned Businesses actively engaged in presentation sessions, group activities, networking sessions, prearranged matchmaker meetings and other vibrant opportunities to both grow and succeed. The event also provided opportunities for corporations to be inspired to further develop their supplier diversity programmes.

NigeriaEuroConf2WEConnect International Delegation with Elizabeth Vazquez (CEO and Co Founder, WEConnect International)WEConnect International in Europe graciously provided the Nigerian Delegation with a dedicated country desk placed strategically at the entrance to the networking hall. The desk with its colourful banners, informative brochures and inviting delegates quickly became a favourite at the conference, pulling consistent enquiries from numerous WBEs and Corporates. The Nigerian Delegates were able to meet with potential partners and clients while also learning immensely from insightful presentations designed to unlock opportunities.

On Thursday 21st November 2019, the Nigerian Delegation again scored a first, making a courtesy call on the Industry, Trade and investment Section of the Nigerian High Commission to the United Kingdom. There a high-level meeting was held with High Commission representatives as regards providing opportunities from UK businesses to Nigerian women owned businesses. The meeting was very fruitful and useful information was shared as regards advancing Nigerian women owned businesses through procurement and partnership opportunities originating from the UK.

NigeriaEuroConf3Nigerian WBE in discussions with UK WBE at Conference.The Nigerian Delegation was able to make valuable connections with WBEs and Corporate Members at the conference. The Nigerian delegates included Lonadek Inc (ISO: 9001: 2015 Certified Engineering Technology and Innovation Solutions), Eclectic Chique (African-inspired Lifestyle and Fashion Accessories), Oeetrot Concepts Ltd (Facilities, Event, Procurement and Logistics Management) and Jake Riley Limited (Management, HR, Performance and Process Consulting). The delegation was led by WEConnect International’s Market Lead in Nigeria, Yeshua Russel.

The 2019 Nigerian Europe Conference Delegation was a huge success, with the delegates expressing satisfaction with the outcome of the trip and pledging to be a part of future International conferences.