Equipping Women to Succeed in Global Markets

(Feb. 25, 2015) CCTV recently interviewed Dr. Nathalie Chinje to discuss the often overlooked key to economic development - women. Through WEConnect International, Dr. Chinje helps women-owned businesses in South Africa succeed in global value chains and connects them with multinational corporate buyers.

"I work with a lot of women-owned enterprises in South Africa and across the African continent, and my vision for those women is to ensure that they are successful and that they have access to business opportunities within the corporate sector," said Dr. Chinje.

One example of how Weconnect International has helped women entrepreneurs is Dorothy Botsi, founder and director of Botho Ubuntu Cleaning, a 100 percent black woman-owned enterprise. Today Botsi employs over 500 women across South Africa, and ensures they have a better future. For her, having a business that employs mainly women is extremely important, and she feels that WeConnect International helps emphasize that importance.

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