PG2017 SmallGroupCelebrations raised the roof on Friday, July 28th 2017, at P&G in Johannesburg, South Africa after the graduation of a group of WEConnect International certified women business owners, who completed the joint P&G-WEConnect International business training.

From May 25th to July 28th, 2017 the trainees took a 10-module course that included concepts such as International Law for Businesses presented by Tammie McMahon-Panther, P&G’s Legal Counsel for South and East Africa. They also learned Leadership Skills with the guide of Stephen Cornes, P&G’s Supply Chain Director (AD), Sub-Saharan Africa.

PG2017 LargeGroupP&G’s Group Purchasing Manager, Shereen Wardakan highlighted the effort and commitment of the participants: “It was great to see your enthusiasm for leadership skills and business development training during the course. We at P&G are delighted and look forward to building business relationships with you as women-owned businesses.”

P&G executives, Sabzwari Faisal, SEA Vice President, said: “My sincere congratulations to each of you in the Class of 2017. I welcome you to the world in which P&G operates, and wish you well as you apply this new learning in your day-to-day business dealings.” 

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