Reid Tania(July 13, 2016) Tania Reid is the Founder and CEO of ithemba, the 2016 EY Pitch Competition winner, and a member of the WEConnect International in South Africa network. This week, Daudi Mugabi interviewed her for a Business Mic podcast episode and asked her to share her experiences as an entrepreneur, as well as some business tips.

In the second half of the podcast, Tania provided concrete steps on how to step out of comfort zones, make the most our of business networks like WEConnect International, and craft a good pitch. Namely, she suggested business owners first consider what solution their enterprise provides potential customers and make that solution heard in the first sentence. Tania also stressed that every good pitch includes contact information. She always makes sure to mention her website:

Throughout the course of the 25 minute discussion, Tania offered additional advice for current and upcoming business owners. Here are some highlights:

  • On thinking about starting a business: "Don't wait for everything to be in place. It's never going to be perfect."
  • On starting a business: "If you have a business idea, verify your assumptions first."
  • On competition: "Know what your competitors are doing; don't be mesmerized by them."

Listen to the podcast.