(April 20, 2017) Watch to see how WEConnect International supports Thanthi Sepeng's certified women's business enterprise in South Africa. Click read more to learn more about Thanthi's journey as an entrepreneur.

Thanthi has extensive working experience of 10 years in the hospitality industry, registered her company sevn years ago but started trading, four years ago, totaling the milestones to 17 years. Reve Productions is a company that provides catering and event management services to corporate companies and government departments/parastatals.

Being part of WEConnect International in South Africa for three years on the self-registered database positioned Reve Productions as one of the five companies that were selected by Intel for the certification sponsorship. This game changer opened doors and access to other global corporates through the events hosted by WEConnect International in South Africa. As a result, the company now delivers weekly groceries, catering services and has now added fruit baskets to their list of services. She then got selected by Ingersoll Rand as its BEE supplier development company and received a sponsored refrigerated catering vehicle that ensures quality of food and meets the HACCP Standards as well as health compliance regulations. She has been providing catering services for special events and celebrations at Ingersoll Rand, and is now in discussions to start providing the fruit baskets as well as daily nutritional and healthy lunch meals to the staff. Reve Productions is also in talks with P&G, discussing the delivery of catering services for the training sessions that will be hosted ant their offices in Sandton, South Africa.

There surely is a significant potential for Reve Productions to grow over the next few years as a result of the sponsored certification by Intel and the sponsored refrigerated delivery vehicle by Ingersoll Rand, and the respective contracts they have awarded to Reve Productions since 2016.

In 2017, Thanthi was nominated for the WEConnect International award for Youngest Up and Coming Business.