(15 July 2016) WEConnect International in South Africa is on a growth path, a new team took over the management in August 2015. The team has hosted multiple events including a national conference for women business owners in South Africa. The growing strength of the organisation has prompted a move onto online platforms to further strengthen their network of women owned businesses, certified WBEs, corporate members within WEConnect International and affiliate organisations.

So far their social media accounts have kept women business owners and WBEs informed about upcoming events, plans for development, important announcements and updates for past events.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts have also been used to share the achievements of their WBEs and success stories as well the outstanding sponsorships and support from the corporate members. For interesting and up to date information on WEConnect International in South Africa you can find them on the networks listed below, please engage with the as they create a world were both men and women have the equal opportunity to proposer.

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