Kgobati Webinar 1


Time: 10:00 - 11:00 (CAT)

Date: Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Description: While the world has always been a world of change, process, and progress, we are now more aware of change than ever before. Up to a few weeks ago, we as women business leaders grappled with how do to lead and fortify our businesses with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Not many of us saw COVID19 coming. This signals that change itself is changing, occurring more rapidly in a more disruptive way. 

Change is typically upsetting, disturbing, and challenging. We can make matters worse by adding fear, anger, frustration, stress, and thus become rigid, inflexible, stuck, and limited.  Lessons from reviewing previous disruptions show that the impact of disruption on different businesses - varies, depending on the quality of the leadership’s response to the situation. You as a leader can either freeze, turn away, or confront and step up to the challenge. The difference in the outcome of these choices is profound and tangible.

Learning and practicing resilience influences your leadership positively. The quality of your resilience is the quality of your leadership!  

This webinar will be led by certified WBE, Kgobati Magome (CI Coaching), and moderated by Jazz Mbanjwa (Zenzele People Professionals and JazzOptimism.Com).


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