AmbikaSharma(October 20, 2016) Ambika Sharma, founder of the WEConnect International certified women's business enterprise Pulp Strategy, gives advice on "Brand Building 101: How content marketing may spark great consumer conversations" in this month's edition of Consultants Review.

In the article, Ambika reviews the steps for building your business's content marketing strategy:

  1. Define your content pillars.
  2. Put consumers at the center of your messaging.
  3. Create a story.
  4. Incorporate videos and visual content.
  5. Maintain brand poisitioning.
  6. Keep it mobile-friendly.
  7. Test, test and test!

Headquartered in Delhi, Pulp Strategy proffers a comprehensive range of integrated solutions seamlessly converging strategy, creativity and consumer insight in order to deliver exceptional services to customers.

Read the article (page 70.)