WEConnect International and Procter and Gamble were proud to launch a comprehensive capacity building program called Gerakan Maju Wanita Indonesia (ANJANI) at P&G Indonesia’s Head Office in Jakarta.

The four-day workshop was held from 10th to 13th March and provided 20 Indonesian women entrepreneurs, representing a variety of sectors such as design, construction and property, marketing & communication services, food, travel, IT and legal, to grow their capabilities and opportunities through trainings on business strategy, strategic customer targeting, developing mobile friendly creatives, access to capital, human resources, leadership and tips on how to successfully pitch to large corporate organizations. 

The event was inaugurated by Mr. LV Vaidyanathan, President Director, P&G Indonesia. This was followed by a press conference where 15 media agencies had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Vaidyanathan, David Lucas, Associate Director, Market Operations, Purchases AMEA, P&G, Angela Hertiningtyas, Senior Legal Counsel, P&G, Dinda Kusumawardani, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, P&G and Mrinalini Venkatachalam, Regional Director, South East Asia and Oceania, WEConnect International.

The training sessions were run by senior female representatives from P&G Indonesia and external speakers from ANGIN and Facebook. A key highlight was the session on pitching to large corporate organizations, led by Lia Sunarjo, Managing Director, FAB Group, a key collaborator for the programme.

Research shows that gender equality is smart economics. When women do better, organizations, communities, and countries do better. In line with this, each of the participants has committed to amplifying the impact by educating/encouraging at least two other female entrepreneurs each!

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“With the “Understanding Your Customers” module, we had an aha moment that resulted in a new tagline for our business, we got new hope on how we could market our product in a more relatable and more effective way! Thank you P&G, thank you WEConnect International for actually making this training happen and for letting me participate!” - Putri Rara Padmitha, Kenar Indonesia

“This training was especially necessary and beneficial right now with the tough economic conditions due to Covid-19. Thank you very much P&G and WEConnect International for providing us with insights on how to strengthen our business over the last 4 days!” – Ayme Melissa Hamid, Tierra Dama Jaya