The WEConnect International launch event in Singapore consisted of three parts - an invite-only corporate roundtable, a private networking session between women-owned businesses and corporate attendees, and the public launch event, which highlighted WEConnect International’s global network. The event was made possible through the support of ExxonMobil and Johnson & Johnson.  

The Corporate Roundtable was attended by WEConnect International corporate members, including Accenture, Boeing, Cummins, Dell, ExxonMobil, Hilton, J&J, Mastercard, P&G, and UPS, as well as non-members, and representatives from the Singapore American Chamber of Commerce, all of whom are committed to supplier diversity and inclusion. Attendees discussed how best to work with WEConnect International to provide greater market opportunities for women-owned businesses in Singapore.

The networking session between women-owned businesses and WEConnect International corporate members resulted in 140 connections. These interactions also resulted in collaborative engagements between women-owned businesses, some of which were highlighted during the subsequent public launch event. 

The public event featured a panel of WEConnect International certified Women’s Business Enterprises from its global network: Monica Kwias, CEO of MMK Marketing in Canada; Nina Alag Suri, CEO of X0PA AI in the UK; and Rigmor Berthier, CEO of Lime Agency in Singapore. The panel was moderated by Nancy Swartout, Global Sustainable Procurement Manager with ExxonMobil. 

“The panel was engaging and insightful, as it drew a range of perspectives from panelists and audience members alike. While panelists shared their journeys to launching their enterprises and how WEConnect International supported their evolution as businesswomen, audience members from different walks of life - male and female alike - shared how those lessons applied to them.” - Madhurya Manohar, Ishk Tolaram Foundation.

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