Nina Profile Pic smallElectronics engineer and self-proclaimed “geek-at-heart”, Nina Alag Suri saw an opportunity within the rapidly transforming human capital sector to leverage the power of technology to find, retain, and continually engage with the right talent. And so, with a mission to enable “work-place happiness”, Nina founded X0PA (pronounced SHO-PA): an AI Talent Management and Acquisition Platform that uses data analytics, machine learning, and advanced algorithms to produce valuable predictions for business leaders, managers, employees, and candidates. 

As the product began to take-off, Nina was drawn to the WEConnect International community of like-minded individuals seeking to grow and access new, reliable markets. “As a business, we saw a great opportunity to access WEConnect International’s global network of corporate buyers and women’s business enterprises.” 

X0PA announced its partnership with Microsoft and as a vendor in the Microsoft ISV program, the X0PA team now has access to specific tools and resources to help them grow in the technology sector and, as Nina adds, “go to market prepared with the backing of Microsoft.” In looking towards the future, X0PA hopes to continue focusing on their top line by prioritizing new business and growing their revenue. 

WEConnect International was able to feature Nina on a panel at their launch event in Singapore in 2018 where she shared her journey as a female entrepreneur with the audience, alongside women business owners from Singapore and Canada. 

With the visibility and connections gained through WEConnect International, Nina is confident that she will continue to scale and engage with her target audience. 

Learn more about X0PA by visiting the website.