ClareHill Sysdoc(June 15, 2017) Clare Hill, Chief Executive at Sysdoc, a WEConnect International certified women-own business, spoke to the MCA recently about her ambitions for the firm, the impact of changes in the industry and what makes a great consultant.  

Asked how she has managed to build the strength of the firm since they were founded in 1986 and how influential her New Zealand heritage is, Clare said:  

"Sysdoc was established in 1986 with a very clear vision to bring the discipline of end-to-end process, experiential learning, emphasis on human factors and excellent decision making from aviation into business. That core principle still drives how we operate today. We are proud of our New Zealand heritage, from both a cultural and professional view, bringing a kiwi innovative and a can-do approach to life. We came to the UK on the invitation of one of our strategic partners in New Zealand to support a four-year transformation programme. We were tasked with delivering business process improvement using our own methodology, Chart, Challenge and Change, and we exceeded expectations. This laid the foundations for our launch in the UK."

She goes on to talk about embracing the Consulting Excellence scheme, the importance of diversity to consulting, the steps they are taking in response to new technologies and gives her advice to those thinking about a career in consulting.  

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