Creative agility, brand intimacy and cost savings on a global scale for the long-term.

Designlogic is a creative agency based in Sydney, Australia, serving clients in more than 38 countries with 60% of its workflow coming from North America.

Designlogic was the idea of CEO Jayne Walsh, which she brought to life in 2003 with the support of her brother, Berenger Playford. Jayne and Berenger are extremely proud of their origin story and ongoing success with WEConnect International Founding Partner, Accenture.

The Designlogic story began when Jayne approached Accenture in 2003 with an idea for a creative solution tailored to their needs. Accenture, excited by Jayne’s vision, jumped at the opportunity to be Designlogic’s foundation client—with an initial engagement of a team of four to service clients in Australia. This team has now grown to a team of 40+ creatives servicing Accenture in 38 countries in multiple languages.

Accenture’s support and belief in Jayne gave her the momentum to bring her idea to life and both companies were able to quickly see the mutual benefit.

Prior to founding Designlogic, Jayne’s career brought her to working in large global corporations where she led internal creative teams and also managed a portfolio of agencies to deliver creative value from the simplest of requests to the most complex. This experience made her aware of a gap in the market for an agency who positioned itself at the intersection of strategy and delivery; an agency who treated roll-out across multiple channels with the same dedication as strategy—and more importantly, at the right price points. Jayne termed this idea ‘top-to-bottom’ and this concept became the first differentiator for her business.

Then, Jayne took her idea one step further, introducing a second differentiator—'inside-out’.

“For me, the concept of ‘inside-out’ was pivotal to our initial—and ongoing—success. ‘Inside-out’ is the notion of working so intimately with your clients, that you know their brands and internal systems better than their employees actually do. This intimacy drives not only creative, but also functional agility, allowing us to provide very welcome cost savings while delivering dedicated creative expertise for the long term.” —Jayne Walsh, CEO

Delivering ‘top-to-bottom’ and ‘inside-out’ solidified the genetics of the Designlogic offering.

Designlogic’s defining achievements have been both its ability to continually realign its service offering to the changing creative landscape and its agility in being able to scale to client needs—even flexing at one point to a team of 65!

Over the years, Designlogic has remained relevant by refining and expanding its service offering as the demands of the creative landscape changed—moving from creative capabilities that serviced marketing and sales teams in the days when ‘new media’ was emerging—through to the current day, where the power of ‘always-on’ and ‘anywhere’ has revolutionised everything we do and how we do it.

This ability to remain relevant at scale is something Designlogic is extremely proud of.

At its core, Designlogic is committed to furthering the stories of the brands it believes in and continues to be passionate about helping its foundation client Accenture make the world a better place to live and work.

Designlogic is also passionate about furthering the stories of the causes close to its heart—making the world a more inclusive, sustainable and diverse place. In the pursuit of a better world, Designlogic is a proud member and supporter of WEConnect; it also champions environmental sustainability through the local Sydney City Switch initiative; and, supports Queer Screen Australia as its digital design partner, helping it transform and engage individuals and communities through queer storytelling on screen.

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