Sandra DSouzaAs a business owner, Sandra D’Souza feels lucky to wake up every day eager to go to work, knowing her team members have the same energy and passion as she does. Curate Bee is more than just a business and delivering marketing activities to clients.  It taps into her potential and that of her staff assisting then to learn new things everyday, embrace change, continually evolve to be better and find ways to positively impact on our community.    

Combining her enthusiasm in helping people with her knowledge, Sandra has dedicated some of her time to bringing in business partners that support women-owned and women-led businesses; founding Her.Network.

Sandra is currently working with a FinTech company to create a peer to peer lending platform specifically for women entrepreneurs.  This is because she has seen first-hand how difficult it is for women business owners to get access to funds whether it is for debt recovery or equity.  A peer to peer lending platform provides women with access to funds and education so they may grow their business and being able to have a greater economic impact in their community.    

It also makes complementary sense that she is working on a new book, 50 Unsung Business Heroes, bringing 50 women together to talk about their funding stories of their businesses: their start, growth and diversification.  With her publisher partner, they have the support of federal, state ministers for the book, due to be out at the end of 2017.    

She is also working with CXCatalysts to launch women owned digital infrastructure‎ called, as it is virtually non-existent of any women owned digital infrastructure globally.  The model will also recruit women franchisees as their own business venture.    

In addition, Sandra is creating a Curate Bee franchise model targeting single and working mothers as franchisees so that they can achieved greater flexibility and work-life balance while enjoying intellectual stimulation and financial reward.

Aside from this, Sandra actively supports women outside of work. She is formerly a director of BPW International, an international women’s organization and was one of the Australian leaders for the Commonwealth Business Council for Women. Her company, Curate Bee, has been certified as a women-owned business under the WEConnect International.    

In sum: Sandra is hungry to make greater global impact so the expertise of Curate Bee can help build an ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.  It may be a grand ambition but Sandra’s determination together with the support of her team, customers, suppliers and partners, is sure to realize this dream into the not too distant future.      

In 2017, Sandra was nominated for the WEConnect International award for Greatest Social Impact.