Join us onWednesday 8th April at 2pm (AEST)

If you’re like most companies, you can’t afford to shut down sales for 4 months – but if you’ve never worked managing a virtual sales team before, where do you even start?

Strategic Anarchy has come together with WEConnect International to run a special 90 minute webinar for you, to answer exactly that question. They have spent the last 10 years managing virtual sales teams, and know everything there is about how to make it work. In fact, with their strategies, many clients find their virtual sales teams out-perform their in situ teams by as much as 10x!


On the call, they will cover:

  • The strategy they have used for 15 years to close $40,000, $100,000 and even $500,000 deals on the phone, without ever meeting a client face-to-face.
  • “Zoom” is a communication tool – not a management tool. The $100 / month piece of software they use to get total oversight on what their team is doing every day.
  • Sale is a metrics game – this has always been true, but working virtually provides you an unprecedented opportunity to understand and manage your metrics. They will run you through the 5 key metrics they track, what the benchmarks are for success and how, by knowing these metrics, they  can know exactly what’s happening on a call without ever listening to a recording.
  • Change Management is key – how to get buy-in and ownership from your team.


About the presenters:

Strategic Anarchy is an internationally respected sales consulting and training  business. We’ve worked with thousands of clients throughout our ten year history, not only training them in sales, but also in creating and implementing metrics-driven sales systems that allow them to operate fewer sales people for larger profits – with minimal management required. For a team of 10, our systemisation, on average, can double sales while reducing team sizes between 25% and 50%.

With over 40 combined years of managing sales teams and working with  entrepreneurs and small businesses to systemise and scale their own sales activities, we’ve developed a suite of products and services that provide our clients with industry leading technology and systems to put them well and truly ahead of the competition. Strategic Anarchy was named as one of the top 250 fast growth companies in the Asia Pacific region (amongst the top 50 of Australian companies named) for 2018 by respected financial publication, the Financial Times.