WeConnect Artikel UNTERNEHMERIN 2018 Sommer

WEConnect International continues to grow in Europe

For over a year now the VdU offers certifications for WEConnect International in Germany. The growth is consistently positive: Eight female entrepreneurs are already certified, six more are in the pipeline. In addition, the first four certifications in Switzerland were done this year and the Netherlands are about to follow. Not only entrepreneurs are very much interested in WEConnect certifications, but also more and more companies are seeing the value of diversity in supply chains during times of globalization and digitalization. Close to 30 women entrepreneurs plenty of company representatives visited the “Supplier Diversity – Inspiring Innovation” event in March at Intel Munich. At this year’s annual VdU meeting the focus was on supplier diversity as well. More events around this topic are planned during the second half of the year. The photo taken in Hamburg shows L-R: Elizabeth Lehnich - discover legal GmbH (a certified WBE), Dagmar Steinmetz - DDS Consult GmbH, Evelyne de Gruyter - VdU, Elizabeth Vazquez - WEConnect International and Maggie Berry - WEConnect International.