21 April, 2020

15:00 to 16:30 TR time (8 am to 9:30 am ET time)

Host Country:


This anxiety management virtual workshop will help women to cope with anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis through understanding the problem and learning practical exercises to manage anxiety. (Language of webinar is Turkish.) Topics to be Covered:

  • How do I manage my worry?
  • How do I manage my anxiety?
  • The costs of anxiety
  • New opportunities that arise when we manage anxiety
  • Tips and Relaxation exercises

Gülümseten Değişim Merkezi is a WEConnect International certified Women Owned Business which provides workshops to women to cope with their fears to succeed. The webinar will be led by Filiz Tüfek, Owner of Gülümseten Değişim Merkezi.

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