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A new section has been added to the WEConnect website to showcase the latest contracting opportunities for certified WBEs.

by Christian Harris

The last day or two got me thinking, and the stack of outstanding invoices on my desk had nothing to do with it! There are not many women working in IT (marketing luvvies excluded), let alone running businesses in the sector. Why is that I wonder? Well, it’s a pretty boring industry full of geeks I guess. But there has to be more to it than that - doesn’t there?

Women-owned businesses urged to capitalise on momentum as WEConnect championed by Government

It is the strongest and most public statement of Government support yet for WEConnect, as it receives full backing in the new Government Enterprise Strategy, launched on March 12th in conjunction with the budget. In a strategy dominated by actions to support women start and grow businesses, WEConnect was highlighted as a key initiative by the Government.