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WEConnect International in Europe opens doors to new supply chains. Led by corporate members, it certifies firms in the United Kingdom and Ireland that are at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by women and connects them with the growing global demand from corporations and the public sector for diverse and innovative suppliers. The organization partners with corporations, associations, governments, women entrepreneurs and their supporters, and is affiliated with a global certification network for women-owned enterprises.

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Jonathan Southerly WebinarDate & Time:  Friday, September 29, 2017 - 12:00 to 13:00 


The concept of SEO can be a daunting thing to some marketing professionals or brand owners. It’s true, it can become a real rabbit hole the deeper you dig into the topic, but there’s also a simpler side to SEO that will serve you well in the rankings stakes and keep boosting your search profile. This webinar will offer tips and advice on creating a broad, basic SEO strategy that is nonetheless effective. 

The following topics will be covered: 

Crowberry logo(September 5, 2017) Chorley based and WEConnect International certified women-owned business Crowberry Consulting has achieved a place in the Regional Finals of the National Apprenticeship Scheme – Apprenticeship of the Year 2017. The category is SME 1 – 24 staff and the business is the only one from Chorley to be at this stage!

UKCaseStudy2017(August 29, 2017) In this case study, we look at how Communications Solutions helped Enterprise Rent-A-Car deliver an award-winning home worker solution for the whole of the UK.

The Staffing Challenge

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s contact center is based in the garrison town of Aldershot. Recruiting staff to cover seasonal peaks proved to be very difficult, largely due to the proximity of London. Another issue was that after investing in training, many skilled agents had to relocate due to having partners in the British Army being transferred elsewhere.

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Executive Director for Europe, WEConnect International

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