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Alicia Beachley is the CEO of April5 Agency, a marketing services agency based in Australia that specializes in brand activation, experiential marketing, events, and PR. 

What inspired you to start your own business?

I worked in large PR and Marketing agencies and decided it was time to start my own agency on my own terms. I had young children and wanted the flexibility to work the hours, days, and times that I wanted. I was touched by the active support of my past employer, industry colleagues as well as family and friends as I took on this new challenge!

What value has WEConnect International WBE certification brought to your business?

The value I get from WEConnect International is different now than when I first started. When we joined in 2014, it was about introductions and getting to know the partners and certified businesses. Now that we are working with some of these corporates, it’s about continuing our relationships, building and meeting new potential clients, and supporting other women-owned businesses that I can use at my agency. 

Describe the new business connection—how did it happen, and what is the impact on your business?

After becoming a certified WBE, we were very intentional about staying active in the network. I attended events, stayed on the radar, and connected with potential clients. I was eventually invited to participate in business tenders (RFPs) related to my services for Microsoft and Westpac, both WEConnect International corporate members. I was successful in both tenders and have been placed on the client panels for ongoing work. 

Since adding this new business, we’ve been able to hire three additional staff members and seen a 25% increase in revenue! However, I think it’s important to note here, that being a certified member of WEConnect International, doesn’t guarantee business. What it does, is get you a seat at a table, either where you currently do not have a seat, or where it would take a lot longer to get one.

What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of our growth and my amazing team, who constantly create great work! We have grown from a small consultancy group with 1 staff member in 2017, to a more robust team of 12 dedicated staff members in 2018.  

What future plans do you have for your business?

We are keen to continue our growth here in Australia and potentially international markets. As we build our relationships and capabilities with our client partners, there are additional opportunities for us to do work in new markets.

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