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Job title: CEO and Founder
Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Established in 2013, Dayna Wallace International is a Jamaica-based digital marketing agency that focuses on helping small businesses and corporations reach their target market online and convert their reach into revenue. CEO and Founder Dayna Wallace sought out her certification through WEConnect International in the Caribbean within a year of starting her business, citing the guaranteed exposure to new and diverse markets as her primary reason for certification.

Upon the recommendation of her market lead Yaneek Page, Dayna joined more than 200 women business owners, corporate members and partners at WEConnect International Day 2016 in Orlando, eager to find opportunities outside of Jamaica to help grow her business. While attending she made a valuable connection with a representative of Time Warner who happened to be in the market for the exact services that Dayna Wallace International provides. She also cultivated future prospects with Marriott Courtyard in Jamaica, managing to secure an introduction with its CEO. As Dayna puts it, from the inception of her business she has known the "value of the right relationship."

"To date," says Dayna, "corporate contacts, global contacts with other WBEs, networking advice, access to high level events, training are the ways that being a part of WEConnect International has brought value to my business."

Dayna hopes to further the reach of her company beyond Jamaica and find new challenges working with clients from diverse backgrounds that allow her to showcase her skill in innovating marketing to fit individual needs.

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