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Job title: Director
Location: Liverpool, UK

Digital Salad provides creative film solutions that capture the essence of a company and its products at affordable costs.

Kate Robinson and her two other partners have over 50 years experience working with and delivering to demanding agencies, companies and artists. Their involvement in commercials for top flight companies such as Shell, Ford, RBS and Coca Cola, and having worked closely with a number of the world's most influential directors/producers listing Stephen Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Michael Mann and David Fincher amongst them, has equipped Kate and her partners to communicate with executives and CEO's looking for solutions, in a proactive manner.

Digital Salad has had a great first year as a WEConnect International Certified WBE. Kate's producer Julie, who runs the USA side of the company, suggested becoming certified. Kate is very selective about associations but says that becoming WEConnect certified "was a great decision for us both in terms of our company development and my building personal relationships."

Maximizing the Benefits

After certifying the company, Kate made a conscious decision to attend as many of the 'Meet the Corporate Events' as possible for two reasons:

  1. The events provide an introduction to large organisations that are typically very difficult to approach.
  2. The forum provides a fast and easy way to get visibility amongst other WEConnect women-owned companies.

As a WBE, Kate's active participation with WEConnect takes time and effort but it's the one organisation that is paying dividends for the company.

Tips and Strategies

  1. It is important to build relationships that are not necessarily direct routes into the part of a company you are targeting. Kate sat next to Marianne Schoenig at the WEConnect/Accenture Meet the Corporate event last July. Kate and Marianne discussed WEConnect's work with the Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) in India and Kate's sheer love of India and its people. From small steps, Digital Salad took a few of Marianne's clips and put together a test film which became a whole project and a joint Accenture/WEConnect project delivered.
  2. Take advantage of opportunities for visibility. Despite suffering stage fright, Kate delivered a four-minute pitch at the 'Dragons Den' event at the WEConnect Europe conference in September 2011. Despite suffering stage fright Kate delivered a pitch at the 'Dragons Den', an event at the WEConnect Europe conference in September 2011, which involved a four-minute presentation. She had met one of our global corporate members (one of the Dragons), at a WEConnect Meet the Corporate Member Event the day before, but it was the opportunity to show one of their films at the Dragons Den pitch that truly demonstrated the value add-on her company delivers.


After the WEConnect Europe conference in September, Digital Salad won contracts for promotional films with other WBEs.

After sitting next to Marianne Schoenig at a WEConnect/Accenture Meet the Corporate event, Digital Salad won a joint project with Accenture and WEConnect International to showcase their work with SEWA Gitanjali and Accenture's Skills to Success campaign. "Kate has been phenomenal all through this – absolutely epitomising the innovativeness, agility and responsiveness of women-owned businesses at their best." - Marianne SchoenigDenise Matthews approached Kate at the conference and, after a long lead in, Digital Salad is now putting a film together for the Dyspraxia Foundation. They were able to help the foundation on where to really focus the story and how to tell it. "Kate and the team have been hugely supportive to the foundation and shown great empathy, building good relationships both with the foundation and volunteer teams." - Denise MatthewsAnother connection from the WEConnect Europe Conference, Madeleine White, Head of Marketing, Whizz Education, contacted Digital Salad for a film to be showcased at BETT with a very quick turn-around. BETT is the world's leading event for educational technology where education professionals can evaluate and purchase a comprehensive range of ICT products and services. In a month, Digital Salad delivered a treatment, won the job and completed the film. "The film has gone down a storm. It has made a significant difference to us – and I would so like to thank you for your hard work indefatigable energy and creative vision in delivering it'. - Madeleine WhiteDigital Salad is also working with Accenture and WEConnect on a promotional video based on sound bites she collected at the WEConnect Corporate member roundtable the day after the WEConnect Europe Conference.

Looking Forward

Kate's success at leveraging the network shows that WEConnect can be beneficial to a small woman-owned company, not just businesses that are well established with large turnovers. The projects Digital Salad has delivered are the start of something larger and Kate expects to see even greater rewards in the future.

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