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Brenda Salgado established CILEC (Impulsora Morelense para la Educación) in 1993 with the support of her mother, who is the founder of a school and a university. She found the inspiration and vocation to become a teacher through her mother and, being a single mother, she found the passion for starting the company through her daughter.

CILEC offers customized English language programs for young people supported by the Ministry of Public Education, which allows them to have access to better salary opportunities and jobs.

Brenda found out about WEConnect International through her sister Meggie Salgado, also a certified entrepreneur and owner of Casa Manzano. According to Brenda, “The potential growth of my company was what motivated me the most to get certified. I realized that, like me, there are very daring and hard-working businesswomen who face or have faced gender inequality at some point and struggle for opportunities and success. WEConnect International is a tool and an opportunity to achieve our goals.”

The WEConnect International team in Mexico connected Brenda with ExxonMobil. CILEC entered an RFP process and is now providing courses for their employees to obtain the TOEFL and/or Cambridge certificate. Brenda is currently in contact with EY in Mexico to explore similar opportunities.

“In addition to the contacts with corporations, which we could have never done on our own, the WEConnect International certification has provided us with an incredible platform for networking and training where we can interact with other businesswomen and corporate buyers.

Thanks to the opportunity that ExxonMobil gave me, my company has grown 15-20%. I have hired more staff and I am more prepared, more qualified, and more confident to continue growing.”

Learn more about CILEC on their website.

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