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Job title: Partner
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

WEConnect International certified women’s business enterprise Java Mountain Coffee is an indigenous social enterprise in Indonesia seeking to disrupt a 300 year-old coffee supply chain model established by men for men, under Dutch colonial rule. Today only 12% of the world's coffee is sustainably sourced according to Conservation International.

Java Mountain Coffee sells both farm fresh, quality micro roasted coffee and green coffee to retailers, hotels, supermarkets, cafes, importers and distributors locally and overseas. They have also established sustainable coffee partnerships with hotels, including WEConnect International corporate member Hilton Worldwide.

Who profits? We all do.

“Historical data shows us that men have established and controlled the world's food supply chains which unfortunately has led to dissipating resources and environmental degradation,” says Partner Zhaviera Fetriza. “Java Mountain Coffee believes a collaborative approach with all partners can repair the damage caused by the old supply chain.”

At the heart of the initiative is the Sustainable Program, which aims to empower women through training and capacity building from proven certification programs. The Sustainable Program receives 10 percent of all sales and invests it into two parts.

The first pays for women coffee farmers and workers to join certification programs of Fairtrade, RainForest Alliance, UTZ certified, an organic certification and Carbon Credit Certified.

The second part funds a nursery program whereby women receive new climate resistant coffee and shade trees such as citrus, banana, timber and rubber - all sources of secondary income. This is done in partnership with the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute, monitored by the United Nations FAO.

WomenPicking MahwariSadewaJalutama cropped

"We see the Sustainable Coffee Challenge as an opportunity to bring women’s voices to help address sustainability and hope to see equal representation by other women in the industry," stresses Zhaviera. "To empower women by allowing them reach their full potential will lead to greater equality, a healthier planet and food security for all."

Rural women in Java and Bali now receive only $1.75 per day for their work. Participation of women in the Fairtrade program worldwide is only 25% and this figure is less with RainForest Alliance and UTZ certification programs.

As a result of the Sustainable Program, incomes will increase as farm yields improve from this training and from new trees that are more resilient to climatic changes.  Specifically, Java Mountain Coffee is  committed to empower 1 million rural women farmers and plant 3 million climate resistant coffee and shade trees by 2030.

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Photo credits: Mita, Yani and Yuli, women coffee farmers from Java - Erica Knect; Women hand picking the new coffee harvest - Mahwari Sadewa Jalutama

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