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Job title: Chef & Owner
Location: Peru

Malena Morales has always been a hard worker. After a few years cooking for prestigious hotels and restaurants in different countries, she struggled with the negative effects of the excessive demand in the kitchen: she had severe tendonitis and decided to go back home to work at a less stressful pace.

A graduate chef from INAT -Le Cordon Bleu School of Lima, she improved her natural cooking skills and gained experience from her years abroad. While recovering from her injury, she worked as an independent cooking consultant and, in 2006, founded Malena Gourmet, a catering company for corporate events including coffee breaks, cocktail parties and dinners; as well as social events such as weddings, first communions, baptisms, and brunches. Year after year, she has maintained a good reputation for her top service and excellent taste, based on her own recipes and fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Malena Gourmet became a WEConnect International certified women-owned business in January 2017 and, after a few months, she approached EY and Sodexo directly. Sodexo’s regular caterer was unavailable for an upcoming corporate event and decided to give Malena Gourmet a try after tasting their product. Shortly after that, EY tested her services in a small event and has now incorporated her into their supplier database.

Malena hopes she can continue expanding her services to more corporate members and new clients through the WEConnect International local network in Peru.

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