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MG Waste Management (MGWM) was established in 2012 to address a market need to assist businesses in their waste disposal process. “Businesses that operate multiple sites producing multiple waste streams across Australia and New Zealand have difficulty finding the time within their teams to review, manage and implement actions that address inefficient and costly waste disposal practices,” says Managing Director Melinda Dorgan. “Simply, there are just too many other priorities.” Seeing an opportunity to close a pressing gap in this process, Dorgan and her team developed a specialized and expertly crafted approach that could support clients at every step of the waste management process.

Yet, despite the innovative approach to an industry standard, MGWM continued to face challenges in accessing high-value markets with multinational corporations. “As a small business, in tenders we continue to face the challenge of being considered the riskier option to the recognized multinational waste collectors and generalist facility managers,” says Dorgan.  “Whilst most organizations implement diversity policies promoting female employment in Australia, contracting policies to improve levels of engagement with small female-owned businesses are undeveloped in both government and commercial enterprises.  As a consequence, we start from behind when it comes to tenders!”

However, MGWM’s attention to detail and customer responsiveness eventually caught the attention of Cummins South Pacific, a WEConnect International corporate member. After encouraging MGWM to get certified through WEConnect International, and through the support of the Cummins Corporate Indirect Purchasing team, Dorgan and her team were recently awarded the status of preferred waste management provider for all sites across Australia.

As a small, women-owned business that often competes with larger competitors in the industry, MGWM sees a huge opportunity in servicing a globally recognized brand such as Cummins South Pacific. In operating within the highest standards of safety and compliance, the contract helps demonstrate MGWM’s ability to operate and compete at the highest level. “Additionally, and importantly, it also enhances our reputation across the network of suppliers further developing and expanding our national reach!” says Dorgan.

As MGWM prepares for an exciting year of growth, Dorgan and her team reflect on the value of certification and the importance of recognizing the innovation provided by small, women-owned enterprises. “WEConnect International provides us with access to a network of prospective clients that truly understand the value of our customer service model and supportive culture of diversity. That is an incredible source of opportunity to grow our business.”

Learn more about MGWM by visiting their website.

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