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Job title: CEO
Location: Mandya District, Karnataka, India

Sustainability, Ecology, Economy and Empowerment

Tucked away into the quaint agricultural heartlands of Srirangapatna, rural Mandya District, Karnataka State, WEConnect International certified women's business enterpise Nectar Fresh is a lovely food factory championing the empowerment and employment of the rural population, farmers and tribal honey collectors. After Nectar Fresh established their presence in the global honey market with high quality products, the company diversified into production of fruit jams, roasted coffee and more. Their mantra is sustainability, ecology, economy and empowerment.

Committed to the best quality, Nectar Fresh engages in the manufacturing of products for both retail and bulk production. They have the capacity to process 400 tons a month and the ability to source consistently huge volumes of best quality raw honey, coffee and local fruits for jams. With their top quality, delicious products and world-class packaging, they have replaced international brands that have been in the market for over two decades in the hospitality sector in India.

As a certified women's business enterprise, Nectar Fresh proudly displays the Women Owned logo on its websites and some products. Says Chayaa: "It’s a pleasure and privilege of mine to be associated with WEConnect International and use the Women Owned logo. It has made a lot of difference in promotion and sales of my products. I personally feel women entrepreneurs are harbingers of self-reliance, excellence in planning and execution and, most of all, compassion. Be it a small scale start-up or a multinational corporation, women entrepreneurs have been a global voice having the audacity of hope and sowing the seeds for transformational progress."

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Nectar Fresh offers a range of honeys including their signature monofloral honeys clover, coorg, acacia, mustard, thyme, forest, lychee, sunflower, ajwain, jamun, cajunus, and sulai. They also offer seasonal multifloral honeys that burst with flavors and delectable texture. Their coffee beans are carefully roasted and blended offering robust flavors with a delicate and memorable aroma. Their fruit jams have the best of the handpicked produce forming its nutritious, high quality product.

Purchase Nectar Fresh products online through,,, Big basket and all leading retail stores, including WEConnect International corporate member Walmart.


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