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Job title: Founder and Owner
Location: South Africa

WEConnect International Certification: Deriving Value for the Future

Jennifer Classen is the founder and owner of (meaning BEYOND 2010), a sourcing and procurement company focusing on specialized, customized and technically complex products. Ngaphaya Y2K10 is a Proudly South African 100% Black Women-Owned business with 11 employees.

Before starting her business in 2008, Classen held an executive position within a South Africa blue chip Retailer. In her last position she developed businesses within the franchise arena in various African countries, as well as locally.

After 27 years in corporate, Classen traded her corporate ‘hat’ for an ‘entrepreneurial’ one. Her passion for people and product has been the inspiration for her own business.

Classen has committed herself to leading a life of purpose, which she defines as a proactive and productive focus on building long-term relationships with her customers, stakeholders and staff alike. She made contact with WEConnect International in South Africa via UPBEAT marketing and saw the opportunity certification could offer her business.

Subsequently, this certification has opened the doors to the right people within corporate South Africa. She sees WEConnect International certification as an investment in her business and knows that her company will derive value from it.

As part of her company’s growth plan, Classen’s strategic focus is to develop meaningful win-win business relationships with international ICT companies represented in South Africa to investigate the possibility of becoming an accredited reseller of hardware .

Classen combines her vision for her business with solid people skills. Her company has continued to deliver good results in a tough economy. In 2012 the company sales broke the R5-million barrier and a trust was set up, through which a yearly bursary of R10 000 is offered to a previously disadvantaged student. As a true entrepreneur, Classen saw the plight within the SMME sector regarding access to finance and turned it into an opportunity; in 2014, she started a second company which offers finance to women-owned SMMEs. This financing model empowers women-led SMMEs to grow their businesses through access to finance at favorable terms.

Classen’s tenacity - she ‘walks the talk’ - has been recognized in the form of numerous awards. She is well respected as a mentor to multiple entrepreneurs in her ecosystem and regards mentoring as part of her daily entrepreneurship journey.

Ngaphaya Y2K10’s client base includes Metrorail, Eskom, the Western Cape Education Department, the South African Navy and Armscor. Products supported by Ngaphaya Y2K10 are computer hardware, asset management systems, industrial equipment and bespoke items. For more information, visit

Posted May 6, 2016

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