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Job title: Founder
Location: Bangalore, India

Sharda Balaji is the founder of NovoJuris, legal counselors, with a special focus on start-ups and SMEs in the technology domain. NovoJuris counts over 300 small and medium business and over 10 investment firms as their customers over the last 3 years. NovoJuris is ranked among India's top 10 active legal counselors in private equity

The first six months in the WEConnect Network

Novojuris was certified in January 2012 and in that time frame Sharda has participated in local WEConnect India events and one trade mission to the United States.

Sharda joined the WEConnect International network with a very open mind. She was aware that US companies have goals for doing business with women that is new in India. She also recognized that the vision on WEConnect transcended US and Indian borders. "Wouldn't it be nice if women business owners were emboldened to think think of scaling and scalability?"

Maximizing the network globally and locally

The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Conference in Orlando in June 2012 provided an opportunity for Sharda to present the value proposition for Novojuris. She did not know what to expect but quickly realized that her company could add value to the WBENC certified WBEs who wanted to make connections and expand into India. She developed a relationship with a WBE doing business with AT&T in India who became a client. Novojuris is now helping them find partners and set up operations in India. The impacts in terms of revenues are minimal now but the opportunities are there for future growth.


"Through WEConnect I have been connected with Deutsche Bank to provide information about my company. The next step is demonstrating my capabilities but to have the opportunity is incredibly amazing."

What's your WEConnection?

What WEConnect International is doing in India is the first project of its kind. Doing business with the multi-national corporations is productive and creating a platform for Indian women to connect with their fellow business owners is groundbreaking. "Emboldening women business owners to think big, to think about cross border transactions – that is exciting. Whatever happens with my business is incidental to that larger vision."

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