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After overcoming several health issues through the use of the amaranth, Marisol Herrera decided to found Quiuisha, a company focused on commercializing amaranth and promoting its nutritional value.

Quiuisha’s best seller is amaranth with 90% natural cocoa, semisweet chocolate. All products are glucose-free and prepared with brown sugar honey under the highest quality standards.

“I met WEConnect International at an event in 2013. What motivated me to seek certification were the different activities and benefits involved in being part of this network of women entrepreneurs. The contact with the corporates seemed invaluable to me. I had the opportunity to meet the corporates I supply to thanks to different Meet the Member events I have attended, says Marisol Herrera.

Quiuisha became a supplier a Bayer (then Monsanto) in 2016 and has renewed their contract every year since. It doesn´t have a contract with Manpower, but it fulfills a new order every two months for their corporate events.

In the case of IBM, Quiuisha receives sporadic requests for events in Mexico City and the rest of the country. Pfizer has invited them to sell the product directly to its employees on special occasions, in addition to the Employee Fairs.

Quiuisha recently participated in the DuPont Suppliers Fair and is exploring the possibility of becoming their Tier II provider. On the other hand, Pfizer recommended them to Ford, another corporate member of WEConnect International, and have been in communication with them.

“WEConnect International encouraged me to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. My company has grown 30% as a result of the connections obtained through WEConnect. It has helped me not only to take my company to the next level but to identify and develop my capabilities.”

Learn more about Quiuisha by visiting their website.

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