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WBEP Graduate Tranquilitea secures new business with Procter & Gamble. 

What is the background and mission of your company?

Payal Mittal Agarwal is the Founder of Tranquilitea, a company that celebrates the diverse, rich, and splendid cultures of tea drinking by offering a portfolio of over 35 different blends from across India. Payal was inspired to start her business after a trip to Europe helped enlighten her to the increased demand for traditional Indian teas. Less than a year old, Tranquilitiea has already set and achieved ambitious goals for itself, moving towards a mission to make their tea a lifestyle choice for consumers, rather than just a beverage. 

How did you first hear about WEConnect International?

Payal was first introduced to WEConnect International at the ThinkBig 2017 event in India. After listening to WEConnect International CEO and Co-Founder Elizabeth Vazquez speak on the power and importance of supplier diversity, the company connected with WEConnect International’s team in India to learn more.  

How was the connection to new business made?

Only months after the ThinkBig 2017 event, Payal was selected to participate in the inaugural Women Businesses Empowerment Program with Procter & Gamble and WEConnect International. The training program helps to empower women business owners to grow and scale their business by creating meaningful opportunities to educate, train, and connect with corporate buyers and other women-owned businesses. Upon graduating from the WBEP, and receiving certification through WEConnect International, Payal and Tranquilitea have now secured new business with P&G!

What additional value has the WEConnect International network provided you and your business?

“Certification through WEConnect International gave me the network to connect with other women business owners and helped to broaden my vision and knowledge through the various seminars and trainings I've attended. Being a part of the WEConnect International network, listening to all of the success stories of other women business owners, has helped instill in me the confidence to one day write a success story of my own.” 

Learn more about Tranquilitea by visiting their website

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