Success Stories

WEConnect International certified women’s business enterprise Iglo Architects was founded in Istanbul in 2001 by two architects, with  as its current managing partner.  

"It is difficult for an architect to run a company. They don’t teach how to run a company at the faculty of architecture," says Esen. "An architect literally has no idea about taxes, financial statements, law, hr, pr...basically knows nothing about management unless they have a corporate background where they can learn these things."

Job title: Founder
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Job title: Co-Founder and Co-Owner
Location: Costa Rica

Job title: Partner
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Job title: Co-Founders and Partners
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Job title: Co-Founder
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Job title: CEO
Location: Bogota, Colombia

Job title: CEO
Location: Mandya District, Karnataka, India