Success Stories

Ebby Rane is a manufacturer and brand of business and professional luggage and travel accessories with a patented design to help their customers "rediscover the joy of prepping for adventure." Founded in 2009, they set out to create a carry-on that would change the way people travel – aligning style and brilliance. Their independent collection was born from a place of passion and intention – to establish a luxury travel accessories brand that pushed the limits of functionality while inspiring sophisticated, global adventure.  

Job title: Creative Director & CEO
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Job title: BAAID – CIC, Team Facilitator, Trainer
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Job title: Manager
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Job title: Owner and Administrator
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Job title: Owner
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Job title: CEO and Founder
Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Job title: CEO
Location: Victoria, Australia